The research started by a team led by Professor Pertti
Törmälä at the Tampere University of Technology in 1977.
As a result of the team’s work, a bioabsorbable pin was used
in surgical bone fracture fixation at Helsinki University Hospital
in 1984, for the first time in the world. Research work continued
and, in addition to a vast amount of scientific value (more than
1000 scientific publications), it led to many commercial

Since then this developed technology has been utilized
clinically in a broad range of indications worldwide.
More than a million patients have been treated by these
bioabsorbable implants over the years.

Today’s Bioretec products present the latest bioabsorbable
bone fixation device technology.

As the most recent generation
of bioabsorbable implants, Bioretec developed the shape
memory implants and antibiotic releasing screws for patients with increased risk of infection. This unique product can provide unmatched benefits for risk group patients. With the help of this product, surgeons have even avoided performing amputation in some severe cases.

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