Founded in 1986 Bimar has acquired a world class reputation for proven expertise in the field of orthopedic and ortho-biological solutions. Bimar provides products from several international companies with an established sales and marketing team.

Bimar has been one of the major Italian companies which has been innovative in foot surgery. It has developed into a real point of reference for surgeons specializing in lower limb surgery. This expertise has also developed to upper limb surgery including ligament, tendon reconstruction to provision of orthopaedic prostheses.

The companies involved are:

Lockdown, a company providing polyester ligaments for soft tissue reconstruction.

TCM, a company providing osteo- conductive bone regeneration granules and putty.

Arthro-Kinetics, a company specialized in biological cartilage regeneration

DJO Surgical, American company which includes the RSP, first ever reverse shoulder!

In Italy, Bimar has a strong sales network, made up of distributors and agents supported by Product Managers. The company provides surgeons with a specialized service in education and assistance for operating room staff.

Bimar organizes regular training courses for its staff, its distributors and surgeons with the aim to promote the exchange of ideas related to the ongoing development of technology and advancement of surgical techniques.

Bimar continues to work with centers of excellence where workshops and study visits can be arranged for national and International visitors.

Bimar will continue to attend regional and National Congresses in support of the surgeons in Italy. We are also involved in introducing new innovative products into the orthopaedic market. Bimar will also begin international distribution in early 2017 with its current portfolio of products and some new in-house developed products!

More information can be found on our products by visiting the link to our current company partners.